PURE PLANT SPA® is a plant-derived collection of body care products which combines the best of modern and traditional healing modalities to help achieve and maintain increased wellness.

All products are made without parabens, harsh preservatives, sulfated detergents, synthetic colors, animal-derived ingredients, PEG, DEA, PPG, TEA, Propylene Glycol, petro-chemicals or artificial fragrances. When personal care products contain harsh chemicals, they can generate allergic reactions, skin sensitivities or irritation.

The aromas of PURE PLANT SPA are completely plant-derived. They are extraordinary blends of essential oils, each of which contain hundreds of natural constituents that have the ability to enter the body through the olfactory system. They are easily absorbed through the skin, and they may benefit the nerve and lymphatic systems. We believe that these complex aromas have the ability to enhance the mind, body and spirit in remarkable ways.

PURE PLANT SPA is committed to uniting ancient traditions and modern science to promote a heightened level of health and well-being.


Pure Plant Spa is a plant-derived brand of body care products. We believe Ingredients Matter. That's why Pure Plant Spa feeds the skin with only the safest and healthiest ingredients you can trust to be natural. We are committed to promoting the maximum level of health and beauty.


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