An exceptionally gentle body wash that does not contain harsh sulfate surfactants. Made with certified organic botanical extracts, plant-derived ingredients and essential oils for daily health and well-being. Natural ingredients may have color variations.

This natural, sulfate-free body wash is packed with nourishing antioxidants to leave skin sparkling clean, hydrated and healthy. Its luxuriously rich lather is deliciously infused with pure essential oils for a softly scented and silky smooth finish that creates an instant spa like experience in your shower or bath.



Traditional body wash or shower gels use harsh detergents and unnecessary chemicals that strip your skin of vital moisture, leaving it dry and prone to irritation. PURE PLANT SPA® sulfate-free body wash is free of harsh chemicals, it is made with a unique blend of naturally derived coconut cleansers and antioxidants. Natural products will have color variations due to the essential oils.


Pure Plant Spa is a plant-derived brand of body care products. We believe Ingredients Matter. That's why Pure Plant Spa feeds the skin with only the safest and healthiest ingredients you can trust to be natural. We are committed to promoting the maximum level of health and beauty.


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