I have learned that you receive from the world what you give to the world. In Physics it is for every action there’s an opposite and equal reaction. Some philosophies call it karma. I have always tried to be kind to all I encounter. I make sure to use my life for spreading goodwill. I trust that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes it is a hard lesson, sometimes it brings great joy.

I like to say thank you a lot. I am very grateful for every nice gesture or kind thought. Every day brings a new opportunity for growth and for learning.

Today, I am very excited about sharing with you what I believe is the most high quality, real natural bath and body brand-Pure Plant Spa. It has taken me so long to accomplish this….good things do take time. I learned to be patient and detail oriented. To keep a pure vision in tact no matter what obstacles came up. I pushed forward through many challenges that I will share with you the details of, if you are curious to know about them. Otherwise, trust me when I tell you this has been almost as big an accomplishment as having my two teenage daughters to raise on my own.

It is my hope to contribute wellness to your life through the use of optimum health, real, honest natural based bath and body products. I wish for you as many happy moments as I have experienced smelling and using Pure Plant Spa….it  brings more joy to my day.

My good friend told me a moment of pleasure is healing and I believe that is true. We need to be able to find those precious moments and cherish them. Please let me know how Pure Plant Spa makes you feel or how it helps you live in your world.

We are all in this together to find inner peace and make the world a better place.

You can transform your moods and change the way you feel if you want to.