I was inspired to launch PURE PLANT SPA® because I recognized the desire for authentic, natural products that not only smelled incredible, but were good for the mind and body as well. I wanted these products for myself, my daughters, and my friends and I couldn’t find any that satisfied my high standards.

I have always advocated a mind, body, spirit approach to life that includes intuitive guidance for conscious and healthy living. I believe the greatest potential for overall health can be achieved by making small, yet focused changes in foods we eat, in products we use and the surroundings we choose.

I have a true passion for promoting wellness and I truly believe if we choose to see and experience life at high levels of engagement and connection, then a sense of well-being will follow. I meticulously designed the full concept of PURE PLANT BEAUTY to be a natural lifestyle – a beauty brand focusing on health and well-being through the use of plant-derived ingredients and the purest, most highly aromatic essential oils. PURE PLANT SPA is the first phase of the PURE PLANT BEAUTY brand.

INGREDIENTS MATTER™ is a trademark that appears on all PURE PLANT SPA products and is the founding principle of the company. These ingredients are personally hand-selected and based on the leading health food retailer’s corporate mandates for skin and body care products. These premium guidelines are very stringent: our end result is a culmination of over three years of formulating and working with some of the best natural chemists in the beauty industry.

With so much misleading information about natural products, I want to ensure that PURE PLANT SPA will always be open and honest about what is in our products. All of our ingredients are compliant with European standards which are more demanding than the US guidelines for personal care products.

I hope PURE PLANT SPA contributes in some measure to make your life more joyful, peaceful and full of discovery.

Best of Health,



Pure Plant Spa is a plant-derived brand of body care products. We believe Ingredients Matter. That's why Pure Plant Spa feeds the skin with only the safest and healthiest ingredients you can trust to be natural. We are committed to promoting the maximum level of health and beauty.


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