That’s why PURE PLANT SPA® feeds the skin with the safest, healthiest ingredients that you can trust to be natural, as well as effective technology.

INGREDIENTS MATTER is a trademark that you will see on all PURE PLANT SPA products. It is the core belief of what is important about all of the products. All of PURE PLANT SPA formulas contain hand chosen ingredients that are safe to be in PURE PLANT SPA. They are not cookie cutter formulas that were used by anyone else. All of the products are European compliant as Europe’s guidelines are more demanding than in the US for personal care products. The ingredients are carefully selected and evaluated according to the Whole Foods Premium personal care product quality standards using their list of unacceptable ingredients as our guideline. The standard is high and the aromas are real.


PURE PLANT SPA is predicated on the belief that INGREDIENTS MATTER. What you use on your skin is absorbed and everyday your well-being is affected by the personal care products you choose to use. Our goal is to enhance your well-being and in order to do that, we must help you feel better by taking better care of your health.

Truly natural products with meticulously hand-picked ingredients can have a positive effect on both you and the world – it is better for you and better for the environment. We try to use renewable, natural sources/plant derived ingredients which are more expensive than their synthetic alternatives. Because INGREDIENTS MATTER.

Every exceptional ingredient that goes into PURE PLANT SPA is carefully researched and considered. INGREDIENTS MATTER and there are some harsh ingredients which are known to be toxic to your well-being that we strictly avoid. Other personal care products may contain synthetic chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, skin sensitivities or irritation. Current research is investigating the possible harmful residual effects these ingredients leave behind in the body over time.



PURE PLANT SPA is made without parabens, preservatives, sulfate detergents, synthetic colors, animal ingredients, PEG, DEA, PPG,TEA, Propylene Glycol, petrochemicals and artificial fragrance. It is scented with only highly aromatic and alluring custom-blended pure essential oils.

Plant derived aromas reflect the current season’s crops and harvests, and just like the best wines, results will vary each year. From product batch to batch, you may notice subtle shifts in aroma, color and texture. These nuances are part of the pleasure of working with essential oils.

Essential oils are the fragrant plant materials within plant cells, extracted by a physical process, such as steam distillation, from the plant. They are more potent than dried herbs and they are the ultimate in natural healthcare. Ancient Egyptians, Chinese medicine and the Indian science of Ayurveda relied upon the power of essential oils from plants to maintain the health of the mind and body.

Plant aromas have more to offer than just smelling good – they contain antiseptic and healing qualities as well. They help keep the body and the environment pure. PURE PLANT SPA is founded on the belief that pure plant and flower aromas – known as essential oils – enhance well-being and are a vital pathway to a healthy lifestyle.
Parabens have been widely used as preservatives since the 1920s because of their efficacy and low cost. Recently some scientists have raised concerns that more studies need to be conducted on Parabens. This is based on recent evidence from over a dozen scientific studies indicating that some types of Parabens mimic body estrogen, an agent with a positive link to breast cancer. This news is cause for concern, and not alarm.

Any skincare product that contains water needs a minimal amount of a safe type of preservative system to prevent contamination or bacterial growth. You would not ingest spoiled food – so the same thinking should apply to what is used on the skin.

PURE PLANT SPA is preservative-free. It contains a broad-spectrum preservative-free system.
Sulfate-free means there is no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate in any of the PURE PLANT SPA products. These sulfated surfactants are known skin irritants, and in concentrations above 2% can cause frequent allergic or sensitizing reactions. They are predominantly used for their foaming properties, and are commonly found in shampoo, bubble bath and body cleansing products.


Pure Plant Spa is a plant-derived brand of body care products. We believe Ingredients Matter. That's why Pure Plant Spa feeds the skin with only the safest and healthiest ingredients you can trust to be natural. We are committed to promoting the maximum level of health and beauty.


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